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Elders Salon Sonoma

March 28, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
El Verano School, Family Resource Center Room 31
18606 Riverside Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476
Trymon (Spyder) Hunter and Iris (Ruth) Lombard
(707) 996-7457


April 25th topic:

Art and Personal Growth

It seems that part of the process of elders is to look back at what has “grown” us throughout our lives. Art, of all kinds (music, craft, paint, clay and more) is a common theme. Our journey to what we identify as art was individual, as is what we have learned. My heart swells as I think of this. I hope yours does, too. Thanks to Reiner for the topic. I hope that I have done his idea justice. – Iris.

Our first meeting on the topic–“WHAT IS AN ELDER?” was a great success with 22 enthusiastic people in attendance, ready to engage! Since then, The Elder Salon is off to a great start. We look forward to seeing you, and hearing your ideas.

The Elders Salon Sonoma meets the 4th Tuesday of each month, from 10 am to noon at El Verano Elementary School 18606 Riverside Dr, Sonoma in the Family Resource Center. The space is wheelchair accessible. There will be no charge for the meetings. Much gratitude is due El Verano School and the Family Resource Center for the opportunity to meet there.

The purpose of the Elders Salon is to synthesize the experience, energy and curiosity of people who have already entered or are just discovering this developmental stage of their lives. An elder is self-defined, although age 55 and up is generally the lower age of participants. We are a nonhierarchial group, recognizing that each individual is their own expert, and will not be relying on “experts” from outside. Our topics will be set ahead of the meeting and introduced by the facilitators or the person who suggested the subject. Typically we will break into small groups for part of the time to encourage personal discovery and more intimate exchange, giving everyone a chance to express themselves.   After that, a return to the larger group, to talk about our discoveries allows for the wisdom of the whole to emerge. Diversity of expression will foster growth within both individuals and the group as a whole.

Image: GeekPhilosopher

Our meetings will regularly be 10 a.m.-noon on the fourth Tuesday of each month, same time and place.

Parking Reminder: Please park in the hash-lined area marked for Buses—in the lot near the Family Resource Center–Room 31. School in in session, so the spaces in the main lot are reserved for staff. The buses don’t arrive until 2pm, so the bus parking area is free until then.

Elder Salon Topics:

  • 2017
    • April 25 – Art and Personal Growth
    • March 28 – Essential Work – Going Inward
    • February 28 – Coming Alive
    • January 24 – Outsourcing, Power, and Communication
  • 2016
    • December 27 – Essential Risks (Part 2)
    • November 22 – Essential Risks (Part 1)
    • October 25 – Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Love of Others (by Margot)
    • September 27 – Work(!)
    • August 23 Play – Elder Play
    • July 26 – Unexpected Lessons, Still Coming
    • June 28 – Elders Growing in Community
    • May 24 – What We Have Gained – Looking at the Good Stuff
    • April 26 – Vulnerability
    • March 22 – Scars – Seen and Unseen
    • February 23 – Self Compassion and Loving Ourselves
    • January 26 – “We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home” – Ram Dass
  • 2015
    • December 22 – Asking for What You Want, and Need
    • November 24 – Gratitude: Our Relationship as We Grow and Change
    • October 27 – Tending Our Fires: Sharing Stories of What Engages Us
    • August 25 – Looking Back – Connections with Elders
    • July 28  – Regrets, and Compassion

Come join us.

About the Facilitators

In 2005, Trymon (Spyder) Hunter became involved in the care of a long time friend who began to deteriorate physically after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Through that experience he met David (Lucky) Goff, who with Alexandra Hart, co-founded the first Elders Salon in 2010. Always interested in personal development, this concept was ideal for Trymon.

 Iris (Ruth) Lombard has been excited by the willingness of the people that she has met at the Elders Salon to be themselves, without apology. She has learned by their example the depth this brings to an individual. The diversity of people and opinions brings constant richness to her life.

Spyder and Iris live in Boyes Hot Springs, so it seemed natural to grow another Elder Salon in order to bring the potential wisdom of our local elders home to our community.

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