Recommended Films

Recommended Films

This page provides a list of some films we are considering screening or have previously screened in Sonoma Valley.  Let us know if you would like to help us or have other titles to add to the list.

Recommended Films:

Previous Transition Sonoma Valley Events:

10/01/10 Transition 1.0 movie
10/10/10 10/10/10 Work day at SCC
12/16/10 The Story of Stuff movie
01/20/11 No Impact Man movie
01/21/11 Training For Transition Weekend workshop
02/09/11 Dirt! movie and potluck
02/23/11 Richard Heinberg: The End of Growth Talk
03/24/11 Crude Impact Movie and Filmaker
04/05/11 The Farmer and the Horse movie, potluck and talk (Neal Shepherd)
04/14/11 Houston, We Have A Problem! Movie
04/21/11 The Economics of Happiness movie
The Money Fix Movie and talk (Marc Armstrong)
07/09/11 Sustainability Day (participant) Festival
06/01/11 Andy Courtier – A Different Kind of Luxury Talk
06/01/11 Carbon Nation Movie and talk (Ray Gallian)
01/29/11 Economics of Happiness Movie, potluck and talk
07/28/11 Earth 2100 Movie, desert & talk (Georgia Kelly, Praxis Peace)
08/18/11 Power of Community Movie
09/15/11 Green Builders Movie and presentation (Vic Conforti and Beanstalk Energy)
Low-Carbon Diet Workshop Personal Climate Action plan workshop
10/20/11 Fixing the Future Movie and presentation (Georgia Kelly on Modragon)
10/31/11 Cool City Presentation- David Gershon Presentation
11/07/11 Home Movie
11/17/11 Climate Reality Project: Climate Crisis Science vs Denial Presentation w/Peter Joseph M.D.
11/28/11 Home Movie
12/15/11 The Man Who Planted Trees Movie and potluck and Mark Newhouser
01/19/12 GrowthBusters Movie
01/30/12 Home movie
02/16/12 The Next Frontier: The Golden Age of Green Movie
03/15/12 Nourish Movie, potluck and talk  (Tara Smith)
04/19/12 Permaculture Movie and presentation (Karen Boness on Permaculture)
05/17/12 In Transition 2.0 Movie
06/21/12 Solstice Potluck Potluck
07/19/12 Uplifting potluck Potluck and videos
08/16/12 Bonsai People Movie
09/21/12 Marc Armstrong – Public Banking Presentation
09/16/12 Herb Spiral Workshop Workshop with Karen Boness
10/18/12 One Man One cow Movie
01/12/04 BioChar Presentations: Ray Gallian and Jarome
12/20/12 Solstice Celebration: Meet the Farmer Potluck
02/21/13 Chasing Ice Movie multiple dates
03/21/13 Surviving Progress Movie and Refreshments
04/18/13 Foodopoly Presentation
04/20/13 Earth Day in the Plaza Festival
05/16/13 Who Cares? Movie
06/20/13 Summer Solstice Celebration and Potluck
07/18/13 Thin Ice Movie
08/15/13 The Business of Transition Movie shorts
09/19/13 A Fierce Green Fire Movie
10/17/13 Solutions Movie
01/05/14 Symphony of the Soil Movie
01/24/14 Fierce Green Fire Movie
02/27/14 More Than Honey Movie
03/28/14 Green Gold Movie
05/16/14 ReGarden Kickoff Potluck Potluck; Reading, Musical performance


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