Our Revolution Will NOT Be Twitterized

Our Revolution Will Not Be Twitterized

It’s official.  Democrats are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The votes are in from the California Democratic Party Assembly District 4 delegates election and it was a clean sweep for all 10 of the candidates who ran on the “Progressive Labor Alliance” slate. This fresh crop is made up of Bernie Sanders convention delegates, Mariko Yamada endorsees, students, a farmworker, a grocery store worker, and a nurse.

The remaining four seats will be filled by candidates who ran on a more traditionally titled “United Democrats” slate. They include two UC Davis students, one Young Democrat (a field representative for State Senator Bill Dodd)  and Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor (District 2).

Interestingly,  the winners on this second slate were all males, and their vote totals were a quantum level lower than those racked up by the Progressive Labor Alliance.

Assembly District 4 Delegate Election Resultsresults: District 2

Voter turnout was so overwhelming in Davis that organizers ran out of ballots and had to print more. Top vote getter in AD4, Desiree Rojas,  shown in this old photo is now all grown up and making her papa proud! Hija-Desiree-Rojas-con--su-papaphoto: Rojas

For Our Revolution’s reaction to their victory of “over 600 delegates statewide”, see this January 9 Press Release  and this January 19 story in The Hill. To learn more about the party and the labyrinthine rules set up by the long running Brown/Burton Machine, visit the CA Democratic Party website.

For a glimpse at the amazing operation behind this growing movement and profiles of all the other progressive democrats who ran throughout the state, visit adems2017.vote.

Updated 1/11/2017 1:42PM - added link to Our Revolution press release
Updated 1/19/2017 12:26PM - added link to The Hill article
top image: @cascamike
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