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Roadmap to Eco-Apocalypse

Update: After these comments first appeared on August 30, 2016, SCS Global appears to have taken down all content from the website. To maintain the relevance of our critique, we have posted a downloaded copy of the original Roadmap in question.

TSV recently  received a so-called Roadmap to Climate Stabilization brief being circulated by some climate activists based in Napa County. Misleadingly titled, this actually turned out to be a very one-sided endorsement of a highly controversial and unproven approach to addressing climate change known as “Geo-Engineering” or “Climate Intervention”.

The fact that it was produced at Scientific Certification Systems is also deeply troubling. If this is how this well known Emeryville-based firm approaches such a complex, risky, and ethically questionable area of science and engineering, it calls into question the impartiality and integrity of all their other existing verification and labeling programs, including several that play a major role in the food and beverage industries.

For a more balanced discussion of this extremely controversial technology, readers may want to begin with this brief overview from the Washington Post last year and visit the National Academies for more information.

We encourage folks to be on the lookout for other biased information produced by or promoting the work of the Climate Stabilization Council.

Evidently this new fossil fuel “business-as-usual” group is all too eager to resort to desperate measures like Climate Intervention rather than invest in Stanford scientist Mark Jacobson’s vision of a world powered by 100% clean, renewable energy.


2 thoughts on “Roadmap to Eco-Apocalypse”

  1. please see the website for the actual and factual research on the tragedy of chemtrails, weather modification, solar radiation management, and other names – and for films on this subject. I recommend airing one of the films, which can be previewed on You tube. Have been following this for years, watching the sky internationally, as well. The chemical and plane companies are making big money with this. Also, universities involved with the connecting “science” developed by the HAARP system in Alaska. Yes, checked out this Emeryville organization – and it is in developing stages – mostly to “promote” their agenda.

  2. @Julie Jones – Thank you for your comment. TSV is well aware of Mr. Wigington’s controversial website and various conspiracy theories surrounding contrails. Last year Greenpeace issued a statement on this topic that we encourage people to read:

    Like our colleagues at Greenpeace, TSV requires a reliable evidence base before stating an opinion on any issue. So far, we haven’t seen any evidence supporting the chemtrails-related hypotheses promoted on the website and elsewhere.

    To avoid changing the subject of our original post (which has nothing to do with the ‘chemtrails’ hypothesis), please be aware we will not approve any further comments that may attempt to argue this point. Of course, other on-topic comments remain welcome.

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