The Economics of Happiness (short film)

Economics of Happiness – short film

A powerful new film that cuts deeply to the heart of the global crisis. Magnificent!”  – David Suzuki, environmentalist

“This passionate film presents a clear and articulate vision of what a shift in the scale at which we do things would look like…Very timely and powerful.” – Rob Hopkins, Co-founder of the Transition Network

Local Futures is now sharing a free, shortened version of the award-winning documentary film The Economics of Happiness. This 19-minute abridged version brings us voices of hope of in a time of crisis.  Cut down from 68 minutes to less than 20, it provides an introduction to the concept of localization – a systemic alternative to corporate capitalism – and shows how it addresses the serious problems caused by economic globalization.

The Economics of Happiness (abridged version) – Local Futures

Stream or download the free, abridged version of The Economics of Happiness today,  and join the thousands of people who have already been inspired by the full-length (68-minute) version.  For a DVD of the full-length film, including special features, go to

Like the full-length film, The Economics of Happiness abridged version is presented by Helena Norberg-Hodge, and features some of the world’s most important thinkers and activists. It is a beacon of hope for a planet in crisis.

“What’s our favorite documentary of all time? The one film we wish everyone could see? Hands down, this is it.” – Films for Action

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